OL will convince you with quality

We feel obligated to abide by the zero defects principle and understand quality as an integral requirement on the products as well as on our processes.
We focus on the continuous improvement of our services and on meeting the requirements of the market.

Quality & Security

Quality & Security

To live up to that promise, we place a great deal of value on having a high level of automation in connection with a modern machine park, continuous advanced training of our employees, and the use of modern computer systems in the value-adding process.
Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 underscores our commitment to quality and guarantees you reliable services and a high quality standard.
A highly developed CAQ system forms the foundation for all quality-related controls, from the time goods are received to the time of manufacturing. The system also allows us to call up and evaluate all data relating to a specific customer. Manufacturing tolerances are specified in detail together with the customer, and the documented test procedures and plans are available at any time. In terms of manufacturing, we use the most modern measurement equipment, ranging from colorimeters to optical and tactile measurement machines, to ensure the highest quality standards.

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