OL Your competitive advantage

You don't want a product "off the rack", but are looking instead for a custom-made solution for your individual application to rise above the competitors in your market. No problem we can help you find the ideal implementation and can transform your ideas into finished components.

The following contains some selected examples of applications of customized solutions according to customer specifications.

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We are also able to supply these products in versions manufactured from sustainable materials. They consist of either recycled post-consumer plastic or renewable resources.

Gas-assisted technology

For the special gas-assisted injection molding (GID) process, nitrogen is...


Two-component injection molding process

This process allows different materials or colors to be connected to form a...


All common thermoplastics from ABS to TPU

OL plastik processes a number of thermoplastics, so we will be able to find...


Hybrid products

The combination of different materials is another core competency of OL...



OL plastik also offers services for the assembly and delivery of complex...


Printed labels

Whether applied by silk screening or pad printing, we can put your logo or...


Surface finishes

To protect the products or to enhance their appearance, we offer painted,...