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Synthetic glossary

  • Cast-on/Gate Mark

    When using the cold runner method, distribution channels arise that are not needed for the function of the actual part. The case-on is recycled as a general rule.
  • ODC Appendix

    Operating Data Collection. The operating data from the individual machines is sent to a control panel. The current status of every machine can be seen at any time on this control panel.
  • CAD

    Computer Aided Design. Computer-aided design is when the design of the parts or of the molds is performed on a computer.
  • CAM

    Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • CAQ

    Computer Aided Quality Assurance
  • CNC Technology

    Computer-Numerical-Control - computer numerical control methods connect CAD and CAM systems to guarantee precise and economical manufacturing.
  • Hot Runner

    In this case the part is injected directly over a heated nozzle. No or very little cast-on is created.
  • Hybrid compound

    A combination of plastic with other materials, e.g. metal compound elements or felt. The connection of the different materials can occur during the injection molding process or after injection (assembly, welding, etc.)
  • Cavity

    Number of plastic parts produced in a cycle, also referred to as mold cavities in the following.
  • Cold Runner

    When using a cold runner, the part is injected over a distributor channel. The channel is separated from the injection molding when the mold is released.
  • SLS Method

    Selective Laser Sintering. Functioning prototypes are produced using the SLS method. The parts are built layer by layer according to the sintering principle using laser technology. 3D data is created in this case. A laser beam binds the powdery material (e.g. PA) to complex and even form-fitting models. They are functional and installable. The SLS parts can be painted any color, glued, and screw-fastened. The parts are models appropriate for everything except load tests.
  • Injection mold

    Needed for the production of plastic injection molded parts. The injection mold consists of two halves that separate when the mold is released.
  • Injection shot weight

    Total weight of the parts to be manufactured in one cycle including cast-ons.
  • Thermoplastics

    General term for all polymers that can be formed when heated and retain the new shape after cooling.
  • Two-component injection molding process

    In this case, two different plastics or colors are connected to each other in one step.
  • Cycle/cycle time

    The cycle time is the sum of the injection time, holding time, and cooling time. A cycle is defined to be the process from the injection of the material to the release of the injection-molded part from the mold.

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